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Surface Designs 2022 Project


Two-Layer Construction: The tracksuit has a two-layer construction, which not only adds to its visual appeal but also provides texture and depth to the design. This layered approach can create a futuristic and sleek look


Color: The tracksuit is primarily blue and white, which suggests a clean and modern color palette.

Cut Outs: Including cutouts in strategic locations is a trendy design element that can add a touch of edginess and uniqueness to the tracksuit. These cutouts reveal a creme-colored crepe fabric underneath, creating a contrast in color.

Emphasis on Shape and Curve: This implies that the tracksuit is designed to flatter the wearer's body shape, possibly featuring contouring lines or tailored cuts that enhance the natural curves.

Designed and finished at the end of 2022, this blue and white athleisure tracksuit emphasizes shape and curve. Cut outs placed in deliberate locations reveal a creme colored crepe that serves as the base layer. The two layer construction adds texture and visual design that is futuristic and sleek.

The fashion-forward piece combines functionality and aesthetics. It seems well-suited for those who appreciate style and comfort in their athleisure wear.

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