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Internship/Professional Experience


In a recent collaboration, I had the opportunity to assist George McKray, a Dominican University alum, with his collection photoshoot. My involvement encompassed a variety of crucial responsibilities, starting with the logistics of transporting the garments from the car to the studio. Given the abstract nature of one of the pieces, I took on the challenge of styling and dressing one of the models, creatively navigating the piece's unique design to ensure it draped elegantly. It was a puzzle to solve creatively, and after several iterations, we achieved an impressive look that complemented the garment's unconventional style.


My involvement extended beyond styling as I contributed to directing the overall aesthetics and flow of the shoot. We conducted the shoot at Columbia College in Chicago, a space teeming with creativity and versatility, accommodating multiple photo shoots simultaneously. This experience exposed me to new industry professionals and provided an invaluable networking opportunity within the fashion community. The collaborative venture expanded my skill set and exposed me to a diverse cohort of fashion creatives, allowing me to forge meaningful connections within the industry. It was an enriching experience that provided insights into the nuanced dynamics of a professional fashion shoot, broadening my understanding of the industry's multifaceted landscape.

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