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Civic Engagement / Social Responsibility

In this section can be found volunteering experiences that I have contributed in recently.


At 'The Wasteshed' near Humboldt Park, I engaged in a meaningful volunteer experience. Upon entering the store, I connected with Luis, a staff member, who welcomed me into their world of repurposed art supplies and vintage items. I immediately sorted through a massive box of markers, testing each one for functionality. Functional markers were packed for teachers, while the unusable ones were discarded.


Transitioning to stocking the shelves proved overwhelming; I grappled with organizing varied items like colored pencils and erasers. Guided by Luis, I navigated through this challenge, although I encountered a moment of uncertainty when I was approached for help by a customer in Luis's absence. This instance served as a learning experience, emphasizing the necessity for quick thinking and adaptability in unforeseen situations.


Over the three-hour duration, I significantly contributed to organizing the markers, realizing the profound impact of even a few hours of dedication. Beyond the personal growth and insights gained, the experience also introduced me to a new facet of Chicago. The prospect of contributing further is enticing, not just for the fulfillment of volunteering but also for the opportunity to earn credits that may translate into acquiring unique items. This experience reinforced the value of adaptability, quick thinking, and the satisfaction of actively contributing to a community cause. I'm eager to further immerse myself in similar endeavors that offer personal growth and community impact.

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